SUP into Sydney

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Paddle boarding the famous Spit to Manly walk is the perfect way to experience the spectacular views and small beaches that are dotted along the shoreline. During the week days you may even find a secret beach all to yourself. Simply paddle in, bring your board to land and soak up the bliss of the small rolling waves crashing by your feet before you dive into the crystal blue waters.

The start of the Spit to Manly paddle is a great SUP Sydney location for any paddling ability. The sheltered bays before you reach Grotto point provide calm water to get your balance and you don't need to venture far from the shore to feel like you are in your own little paradise. Our favourite spot along the route is Castle Rock beach. Accessible only via water or a hidden rocky track its golden sands and singing birds will entice you to make that paddle break a little bit longer. The paddle on to Manly is suitable for experienced paddlers only and you should wear a life jacket or personal flotation device. We recommend the new Red Original PFD.

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