Surfing Dog Stalked By Shark!

Hey shark! The dog took off on the inside! Pic: @sugarthesurfingdog
Huntington Beach in California has been a little bit sharky lately, or at least the locals are getting a little shy when it comes to dark shadows in the water. But Sugar the Surfing Dog is no pussy cat! She’s out there surfing no matter what friends she has underwater, even sharing a wave with this 9-10ft shark this week.

Or was she?

Lifeguards closed the beach on Sunday after sighting what was most likely the very same shark on the prowl, cancelling a school surf comp and keeping everyone out of the water for 24 hours. Could this shark have been waiting for a juicy little surfing dog to catch a wave?

Captioned simply “Surfing with the big fishes today,” the pups Instagram prompted local news coverage and headlines of ‘Shark Scare’. Sugar seemed pretty cool with sharing her wave though. As cool as a surfing dog can look anyway. Imagine how that photographer felt!