The Big Wave Project: A Band Of Brothers

The man behind the 'magic', Tim Bonython.
When the waves are peaking at heights you're too scared to ask about, when the hold downs feel like you're being tied in a knot, and robbed of every last molecule of oxygen - you're part of a select group of surfers who take a solitary sport and turn it into a brotherhood. Big wave surfing does that, and one movie has just told a story about what it's like to be part of that brotherhood.

"Becoming a big wave surfer, it has to be in you. You have to want it, you have to have that little brain chemistry, mental tick, whatever it is, you have to have that switch in there. Because if you're not doing it because you REALLY like it, and you have a near death experience. You're not going to come back."

Tim Bonython is to surf films, what Spielberg is to box-office record breakers, and his latest masterpiece 'The Big Wave Project: A Band of Brothers' is now showing at select locations around Australia. Telling the story of the group of surfers who put their life on the line every time a swell rolls in; it touches on the ups and the downs in the Big Wave surfing scene. Where there is no prize money, no sponsorship, and no safety management team.

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