First in. Last Out - Fanatic Windsurf releases 2018 range.

The crew from Fanatic Windsurfing headed out to Maui in spring for a little fun with the 2018 model boards (and North sails). To prove it, they made a video called First in, Last out. A phrase used to describe those diehard windsurfers (and grommies) who show up before the seabreeze kicks in, and stay out so long they de-rig in the dark. Every one of the Fanatic team is part of that group, they're 'Addicted to Ride', and that's why they're so good.

"First in the water, de-rigging in the dark. Making use of every wave and every breeze from dusk till dawn. We love to share our addiction with you and hope you feel the same way we do after watching this: Let's go hit the water!"

New next year, is a board called the Grip. It's an all round wave board in sizes from 68l to 99l, with 5 fin boxes to function as a thurster or quad, and deep double concave/v on the bottom to smooth out chop. It's the favourite board of world champ Victor Fernandez, and they say you're going to love this 'red hot performance stick' too!

They've also released a new version of the Gecko, which is made specifically to suit windfoiling.

Whether it's the riders or the gear, you won't believe some of the sailing you're about to see in this promo clip for Fanatic Windsurfings 2018 line of boards. Truly next-level stuff in both the waves and the flat water. Check it out right now!