Aaron Hadlow makes it 5x in a row


On the 6th October 2008, Aaron Hadlow achieved what very few athletes ever will.  He's dominated freestyle kiteboarding for last five years, turning just 20-years old the day before he before winning his 5th consecutive PKRA world title.

Aaron has stayed at the top of his game from the very start of his career.  He was just 12 years old when Flexifoil took saw his talent and recruited him to be a Team Flexifoil Rider.  From the very beginning Aaron wanted to be the world champion.  He has now achieved this an incredible five times.

He won his first PKRA world title at 15 since then he has not looked back. To be a world champion takes dedication; to be a 5x world champion takes an incredible level of 100% focus, commitment, maximum effort (& a bit of natural talent!). 

Flexifoil are proud to have played a big part in Aaron's achievements over the years and the relationship we all have with him is second to none.  A great day for British Kitesurfing!!

"The men's double saw two final heats between Langeree and single elimination round winner Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, GBR). The first final heat saw Langeree outscoring Hadlow with more variety and higher moves coupled with double pass moves, outweighing Hadlow's slightly powered moves.

The second final round went to Hadlow after a strong heat from both riders. The UK's pride landed a regular and switch slim/mobe, blind judge with aerial handle pass, front mobe to blind, shifty 3, kiteloop handle pass and mobe 5 while Langeree landed a regular and switch kgb, blind judge with aerial handle pass, s-bend to blind air pass, double s-bend to blind, front mobe 5, front side 360, 313, non-inverted slim, mobe to wrapped and kiteloop handle pass.
Hadlow performed with a lot more power and took home the crown." - PKRA MEDIA


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Aaron rides the Flexifoil HadlowPro -
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Aaron is sponsored by Flexifoil - Red Bull and Chiemsee

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