Andre Phillips Leaves Cabrinha - Signs with Tona

Andre Phillips signs with Tona kiteboards
Well we kinda thought it was only a matter of time before Andre Phillips started riding Tona boards. But this week he made it official by not only signing with the company, but becoming a part owner in it! 

Dre, Jake Kelsick, Dereck Camacho and Adam Anton have always been 'those guys' from Antigua, chilling out on Kitescoop by night and living the life by day. So when Tona was born a few years ago through the forums ideas and the worlds need for a cheap wakestyle board, we all expected Dre to go with them. But no, he stuck it out with Cabrinha and continued to freeride his way around the world with his good mate Susi Mai. In fact he still IS with Cabrinha, just for kites though. On his feet he'll be strapping a pair of Ronix boots to a Tona Pop and Driftwood. 

Also buying in to the company, Dre could be exactly what they need to go from niche brand to full on super giant in the next few years, not that that's where they want to go though. In a press release today, Tona told us about Dre joining the team. Or family as they call it. 

"With over a decade worth of accolades, numerous awards, and a reputation that is unmatched by anyone, Andre Phillip has become one of the most iconic riders in the industry. He is known for his consistently stylish and innovative riding, and by staying humble and true to his roots he has earned much love and respect from his peers. It’s safe to say that any move Dre makes is well calculated, whether it be on the water or in his personal life, and this being the biggest move in his career is no exception. It is with great pleasure and anticipation that Tona welcomes Dre to the family as both a rider and a co-owner."

Stick around to see the new promo video from Tona, if it includes their big name riders there's no doubt it's going to be nothing short of awesome. 


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