They don't know SHOT! Slingshot 2018 Teaser

Since the beginning of kiteboarding, Slingshot have brought some groundbreaking technology to the sport. Some doubted. Others believed. The rest? According to Slingshot: They don’t know Shot…

It’s 2018 release time and Slingshot have some great new gear on the ships to your local kite shops right now. There’s a new Rally, Fuel, RPM and the heap of new Foils that Slingshot are pushing hard, but what’s most interesting is the things that Slingshot point out they haven’t supported over the years, and indirectly, what they will be supporting into the future.

Remember course racing? With big wide formula boards? That was the ‘next big thing’, and now you can’t give away course boards. Slingshot didn’t lift their pinky finger to develop any racing gear when it was all taking off. No boards, no high aspect kites, no seat harnesses or fancy bars or marker buoys. They called it early, and they were right. Course racing is dead, the boards are dead, and high aspect inflatable race kites are dead. Slingshot called it.

Now, another thing that Slingshot are calling in 2018, is the foils. They’re on board for this one, and interestingly, they’re putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to Windsurfing! With the advances of foil technology creeping into the windsurfing world, Slingshot have began making new windsurfing boards to go with their foils. Nobody has started up a windsurfing division in recent years. NOBODY! Because until this year, windsurfing was a dying sport.

Will Slingshot be ahead of the game on this one too? Check out their 2018 promo video: ‘They don’t know shot’, to see what other trends they’ve picked in the kiteboarding world since the sport began…


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