How to be a SUPer Mother - With Charlotte Spicer

Party waves are always fun - That's Charlotte and her husband
International pro for NSP, SUP store owner and most importantly, Mum; Charlotte Spicer is currently ranked number 48 in the world. But with all that paddling on her plate, she’s still got time for the kids.

Based in Singapore, you might have heard of Charlotte from her Instagram account, or her recent performance at the King of the Cut. She placed second in the 14” Womens over 40 division; but if you know her from Instagram you might be surprised to hear she’s over 40 with a 6 pack like that!

So how does she fit it all in, along with being a mum? She said that introducing the kids to similar sports is key, because there’s nothing better than a surf session with your daughter! That, and lists – “I run my life by lists and drive my family mad because I’m so structured!!”

When it comes to getting kids into paddling, Charlotte explains;
“Find a coach that has kids program with fitness and on water tasks around a set-out course. They love a challenge and adding different things into the sessions keeps them focused and interested.”

“Let them explore the water make SUP fun… encourage them. If they are really keen they will always come back and ask for more. I’ve taught a lot of kids including my own and for SUP they do better in small groups.”

Read the full interview with NSP, about being a SUPer Mum, with Charlotte Spicer here

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