Take Part in a Tropical SUP Holiday That Makes a Difference!

Wild Mob is a small group with the motto: Get wild, do things that matter. They’re heading out to the Great Barrier Reef in September, and you’re invited to join them on one of the cheapest SUP holidays you can take!


Brampton Island sits just North East of Mackay in QLD, and used to play host to a small resort. There was an airstrip, and a couple of secluded cabins on the island before it closed down a few years ago. Most of the island is made up of the Brampton Islands National Park, with walking tracks winding through the rainforests and beaches – looking out to the picture perfect coral reefs offshore. Wild Mob have been working on Brampton Island for a while now to restore a critically endangered Littoral (beach) rainforest. It’s so perfect now that it almost maintains itself, so there’s plenty of time for SUP on this trip!

Keen to check it out (and help out?) They’re running a 4 day trip out to the island on board the yacht Wild Cat in September, and for the price of your food, and a couple of hours work in the mornings – you get a one-of-a-kind SUP holiday. The plan is to work on the Littoral Rainforst in the mornings, pulling out weeds to help the native plants, and picking up rubbish and fishing debris from the beach. Then, it’s SUP time, with boards and paddles (and lessons!) supplied by SUP instructor Chrissy. Explore the island, or hang out at the campsite on the island. All you need to bring is your own sleeping bag!

It’s a revolutionary idea for a SUP holiday, and one of the cheapest you’ll find. Not to mention the great impact you’ll be making on one of the Great Barrier Reefs islands. Get in contact with Wild Mob through their website here if you’re keen to join them.

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