The Cheapest Prices You'll Find Starboard Gear All Year!

It’s the lead-up to Summer, and right now you can find Starboard SUP Boards, Paddles and accessories from last season (and beyond) on offer direct from the Australian distributers, Auswind.

2016/2017 has been been an incredible season for Starboard SUP, with more race wins, 10 point rides and records broken on Starboard equipment than ever before. But 2018 is fast approaching and there’s shelves full of gear in the warehouse at Auswind, so they are once again uploading their stock-lists for public viewing, and offering some serious deals on the old stuff. Deals like new boards from $699, and paddles from $159! Here’s how it works.

Jump online and check out the gear here. Buy online, and Auswind will ship the board, paddle or accessories straight to your local dealer in time for the summer. It’s as easy as that!

Some of our favorites on the list are the 10’x34” Starboard Whopper. These classic shapes are timeless, great for loaning to mates who want to learn, and still perform great in the surf. There’s a couple of constructions available, and even some colour choices, but get in quick!

See the full list of discount Starboard SUP gear on the Auswind website here.

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