How to Surf a Twin Fin Surfboard

Feeling a lil' nostalgic? Perhaps a retro twin fin is the perfect surfboard to add to your collection?

There's no doubt among surfers that twinnies are cool - but surfing them requires a different skillset to your average thruster. For starters, they don't turn quite like a shortboard due to their big wide tails and of course, the twin fins. Second, they're usually quite flat in their rockerline, so taking off on a steep section requires an extra big set of kahoonas. Getting barreled on a twin? Sure, it's possible, but you've got to step on that tail HARD to keep yourself under the lip.

But some surfers make it all look like a piece of cake. Jordy Smith?, Matt Wilkinson?, Sebastian Zietz?, & Conner Coffin? all paddled out at J-Bay this month into a perfect, glassy right hander. It was head high, peeling right down the point and chucking barrels on almost every wave. Perfect for a retro session with some twinnies, and these guys seriously did make it look effortless.

Watch and learn how to ride a twinnie. But be warned, surfing one of these isn't as effortless as it looks!

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