A Competition That Can Only Be Held In 55knots PLUS!

You won't find a SUP with a hydrofoil here! These conditions are for windsurfers only.
Red Bull are calling it the worlds toughest windsurfing competition, and eight of the worlds best are on standby for it. The Red Bull Storm Chase. Fresh off his hydrofoil and SUP, Kai Lenny is craving some high octane action. A force 10 storm, 55 knots or stronger and waves over mast high is the criteria, because that's what Red Bull have agreed on for the third Red Bull Storm Chase. "Every time I go windsurfing I get scared. It's the type of sport and you can always go bigger or higher - I never feel like I'm maxing out my gear. That's what makes windsurfing one of the most bad-ass sports around." Round one was back in February 2013 in Ireland. Round two was right here in Australia, down in Tasmania the same year in August. Now, who knows where it will be! When the event window opens on the 1st of January, entrants will have only 72 hours to pack their smallest sails (plus a few spares) and get on a plane to wherever the event may be. Nobody knows where it's even likely to be, except for one known fact. It's going to be in the Northern Hemisphere. While 72 hours might seem like a stretch for mere mortals like us, for the pro's - it's all in a days work. Sponsors buy the ticket, supply the gear and next thing - they're standing on a beach in a 6mm wetsuit and 55 knots in their face! Up for the challenge are some seasoned pros, Robby Swift, Ricardo Campello and Victor Fern?ndez L?pez. They'll be up against young gun Philip Koster, strong wind aficionado at only 22 and favourite to take the win over Kai Lenny. The Event window for the Red Bull opens tomorrow, the 1st of January and runs through until the first Force 10 storm that hits an accessible area in the Northern Hemisphere.