Have you ever seen an Albino Barramundi?

Albino Barra are extremely rare to catch at this size! Would you keep, or release?
Incredibly rare in all forms of life, Albinism is caused by an alteration in the genes responsible for the production of Melanin; the stuff which cases skin, scales, and feathers to colour. In humans, the stats range between 5 and 20 people in every 100,000 are born with Albinism, in Fish - there are no stats.

Unfortunately for these fish, in most cases they never grow to be this big! Due to their bright white complexion, predators can easily seek them out underwater, and they're often picked off by other Barra before reaching maturity.

This one lived to tell the tale through, and might just make another recreational anglers day in the future, when they reel in this Albino Barramundi, caught by Shane Murton in North QLD.