Ewan Jaspan wins wildcard spot in the 2013 Triple S

Boots - check. Style - check.
Powered passes - check..
Every kid in the world who's ever ridden with a pair of boots, or strapless on a surfboarf was trying for one of four spots to the Real Watersports Triple S competition, and young Ewan Jaspan from Melbourne won it! 

Check out his entry video below, and you'll see why they picked him, but Ewan's got the chance of a lifetime ahead of him when he'll get to rub shoulders with not only the worlds competitive elite, but all those riders who cruise around the world collecting promo material for their sponsors. 

The Triple S is a BIG deal, it's a massive event which focusses on flat water freestyle (Which Ewan was selected for), wave riding (Matt Elsasser) and Kickers and Sliders (Matt Sexton) are the focus. The worlds best riders in all 3 categories are there, as are a huge crowd of spectators, every magazine and film crew and several of the big industry head honchos. It'll be an amazing opportunity for Ewan who's fresh out of the PKRA freestyle tour, where he turned heads after an incredible performance against riders like Alex Pastor. Go Ewan! 

We'll bring you his results, and all the rest of the gossip, spy shots of new gear and footage from the event when it happens next month on June 1st to 7th 2013. 


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