Merimbula Classic Kiteboarding Australia Wave Nationals

The Merimbula Classic incorporating the Australian National Title for 2017 is a wrap. What a week, 4 days of wind and waves. Over 80 kiterboarders took to the water in classic Merimbula style, the Seabreeze blew from 10am each morning allowing for maximum time on the water.

Recently promoted to the open men’s division, James Carew and Jack Bailey battled out on their backhands all weekend, with not a lot in between them. With only marginal waves and both on their backhand, storm boy Carew took the grand prize with his explosive backhand attacks.

In the ladies it was Peri Roberts first opportunity to take on the ladies after promoting from the juniors. Michel Blinkhorn a Merimbula Classic veteran battled hard to the end. Between the two of them they hardly missed a wave all weekend. Peri was also recognised as an up and coming rider and has landed herself a trip of a lifetime to Namotu where she will charge the infamous Cloudbreak.

WA rider Charlie Wise made the trek from the west for the event, which ended up paying solid dividends. Charlie will be in opens men’s next year so we look forward to seeing him taking on the big boys into the future!

Merimbula legend Lee Kavanagh claimed his title as the master after throwing down strings of unhooked hacks. The ‘Grand Master” Brad Hampson took out the over 45 division, in waves somewhat smaller than his normal big waves, but still proved to be just as capable in the smaller waves.

The good vibration didn’t stop on the water, the bbq was firing, the atompshere was electric and the band played those vibrations long into the night.

Thankyou to the Merimbula Sailboard Club for their effort in running another Classic event and hosting the 2017 Kiteboarding Australia National Title.

National Title Results 

Grand Masters

1 Brad Hampson

2 Glenn Brunnette

3 Jeff Steele

4 Troy Gibson

5 Shane Simpson

6 Darren Mountain  



1 Lee Kavanagh

2 Ben Williams

3 Robert Kidnie

4 Stu Wilson

5 Mike Walker

6 Peter O'Keefe  


 Kite Ladies

1 Peri Roberts

2 Michel Blinkerhorn

3 Jennie Milton  



1Charlie Wise

2 Beau Blake

3 Aaron Kenny  


Open 1James Carew

2 Jack Bailey

3 Jack Gearing

4 Cooper Bates

5 Jarrod Snow



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