Naish TV is back - What's in the Naish DNA?

Looking at the roots of team Naish....
Naish, the Langeree's and the Richman's hang out for a few days on Maui, hit the Red Bull King of the Air and get down to the roots of the Naish brand...

A lot of kiters and windersurfers look up to Robby Naish as the figurative father of their sports. While he's getting on in years now, Robby still cuts the mustard when it comes to watersports but what's amazing is that he still maintains the fatherly figure to his team riders. 

Watch the video to see what we're on about, but the love Robby has for his staff and team is pretty cool to see, as is that between brothers Jesse and Shaun Richman, and Kevin and Jalou Langeree. 

In this episode we learn about where the team members came from, Robby from his dad who used to windsurf - Kevin and Jalou from their humble beginnings with kites. They've each got a great story to tell and some awesome old footage to go with it. It's all leading up to what Naish regards as the pinnacle of competitive kiteboarding - The Red Bull King of the Air event in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Prepare yourself, the footage you're about to see contains big boosts, board offs and multiple (hooked in) spins). It's how kiteboarding should be, free from the internal bickering about style and power we're so used to hearing in kiteboarding, and completely transparent to the outside audience who simply want to see big jumps, wipeouts and showy tricks. 

Check out the vid below, and stay tuned for the next episode which take the boys to Kenya! 


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