Secret Kite Spot in NZ - Access By Airplane Only!

Imagine all of the potential kite spots you could find, if you had access to your own aircraft… Some people do, and if they’re kiters – it’s not long before the boards get tucked in the cargo pod and they’re off on an adventure of epic proportions.

This crew from Cabrinha New Zealand knew about a spot on the West Coast of the South Island, which was accessible by plane, by landing on the river bank. Or by a 4 day hike. If you’ve ever tried a hike with kiteboarding gear, you’ll know why they chose the plane - A Cessna Skywagon, perfect for landing on river-beds and mountain airstrips. It seats four passengers and with the cargo pod on the belly, takes enough kite gear for a fun little session; 2 Kites, 2 boards and all the bits and pieces fit easily. They’re pretty cheap to run too, burning 60L of fuel an hour and flying at 200 kmph.

With spectacular scenery all around, some brand new Cabrinha Chaos kites, butter flat water and a chick on the beach to film it all – these two make the most of the secluded spot for some freestyle. It looks cold, it looks gusty, but the views are breathtaking, and the journey would have been just as much fun as the session.

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