3 Ways to Make Money from SUP!

Working with a SUP brand can allow you freedom to talk SUP all over the world!
They say if you love what you do for work, you’ll never work a day in your life. So if you love SUP, would you like to make it your career?

There’s tens of thousands of people around the world who already make their living from the sport of stand up paddling, so if you’re thinking about doing the same, here’s three ways you can make money from SUP!

1: Become a SUP instructor

Want to travel the world? Want to spend your life on a beach? That’s the life of a SUP instructor, and you too can live an endless summer teaching people to SUP. Instruction comes in many forms, from basic SUP lessons to beginners, right through to advanced level coaching for elite athletes. It all starts with a SUP instructor qualification from a reputable operator like the ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors). They’ve got courses all over Australia (and the world) which will give you a basic rating for less than $500, or all your ratings for less than $1000. Which is pretty cheap training for a career!

From then, it’s up to you to get involved with a local school, start your own, or travel the world working in various schools as you follow summer.

2: Sell SUP gear
Work in a shop, become a distributor (sell SUP gear to the shops), or work in the industry. If you’re prepared to move overseas, then working with one of the SUP brands is a great way to gain a high paying job in the industry. Use your previous marketing, product development or management experience to get entry into the brand headquarters, or get an entry level job in a SUP store. Australian SUP stores are always keen for enthusiastic new employees who love the sport. You don’t need much experience, just be willing to sacrifice a few days on the water to sell gear to future paddlers. If distribution is your kind of style, then the first step is finding a brand to sell. Most of the big brands already have long-running relationships with dealers here in Australia, so start with an up-and-coming brand, or go work with one of the existing distributors! Ask your local shop for some contact details.

3: Go Pro.

Obviously the hardest one of all, going pro is a way to make money that few stand up paddlers have enjoyed. It will take years of dedication, a ton of your own money, and a never ending pursuit for personal performance. Perhaps Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny are the only two who can say they’ve become rich from stand up paddling, but you never know – YOU might be the next one? If a little extra cash for gear is your style, then making money from YouTube and Vimeo might be a better way to go? VLOGs and action videos can help build your brand online, and by advertising at the start of your videos, you can bring in some serious coin. The worlds biggest stars on YouTube earn over a million bucks a year!

So if you want to ‘never work a day in your life’, drop by your local store and chat to the crew about what it’s like to work in the industry. You too could earn a living from Stand Up Paddling – it’s a great way to live!

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