Art You Can Ride - Starboard's new Tikhine Inflatables

Customizing surfboards and stand up paddle boards with artwork has been done since the very first surfboards were carved from wood in Hawaii (or Polynesia, or wherever). While those designs might have been drawn on or etched into surface - in more recent times, using paint pens has been the method of choice. These pens allow extremely detailed and very colourful artwork to be drawn directly on the board which won’t rub off in the water, and also offer the ability to draw over surfaces that aren’t white.

Paint pens are a great way to customize your board (even inflatables), but what if you’re not an artist? Starboard recognized the demand for boards to be unique, so they’ve teamed up with artists Sonni Honschied and David Carson to create two shapes, and three amazing designs to brighten up your paddle in 2018.

Called the Tikhine Inflatable Range, the boards are an all round design for paddlers who want an easy to paddle board, with the option to try a little surf or yoga. They incorporate all of Starboards Zen inflatable technology, and boast features like inbuilt shoulder straps, paddle holders, flat handles and bungees on the nose.

We could talk about them all day, but the best way to appreciate these boards is to check out the images on Starboards 2018 website, and the video below!

These boards will only be available in limited numbers, so drop by your local Starboard SUP dealer and place a special order!