Linking not two, but six waves while SUP foiling!

Starboard Pro Zane Schweizer was bored while surfing off Lahaina on the West coast of Maui so he decided to see how many waves he could catch without dropping off the foil.

Kai Lenny famously did 2 waves a few months ago, when pumping a hydrofoil was a brand new concept. He blew the worlds minds by surfing a wave, then pumping back out to the next one and surfing it without dropping off the foil.

Zane just blew Kai out of the water, foiling on not two, but six waves without sinking back into the board, and showing some crazy smooth foil pumping while doing it.

“Just received the new wings from Go Foil and have been baffled on the improvements with the new Iwa and Maliko 200!”

Watch and learn, as Zane slowly pumps, and paddles around on the new Iwa GoFoil, linking up 6 little runners and surfing all the way into the harbor at Lahaina.