Feelin' the Cape Rhythm with Fanatic

The Fanatic crew filming the iconic Big Bay at sunset.

This season (their Winter), Cape Town has enjoyed some incredible conditions for not just the kiteboarders, but the windsurfers as well, with some epic offshore days and some big swells that only the sailors could take advantage of.

Hanging out for some pre-season training was the team from Fanatic and North Sails, heading out every day to Big Bay, Scarborough and Cape Point for some cross-off surfing action, or sticking close to the city for a little (well, a lot of) freestyle.

"It was my 4th time to Cape Town since I started my windsurfing career, and it did not disappoint me. It's been 2 month of intense training in freestyle & waves and at the gym. I could also test booms and masts from NorthSails and fins for the next production skate." Told French Freestyler Adrien Bosson. Those new Skates sure do make freestyle look easy!

Check out the team in action with the 2017 Fanatic and North gear, looking great together with matching colour schemes.