Windsurfing Down a Mountain (A Snowy One!)

Levi Silver, professional windsurfer, has a fascination with windsurfing and snowboarding. Nobody has really combined the two yet, and while many have gone windsurfing on snowboards in the flat country, it's never been down down a mountain.

Until now. Teaming up with a film crew from Red Bull, Silver went to great lengths to turn his dream into reality - from shaping a dedicated board, to trekking up the mountain and spending hours on the summit, waiting for the wind to blow. The location was Rishiri Island in Japan, yes, an island in Japan, so in a strange juxtaposition of the two sports, Levi could see the ocean as he sailed down the mountain.

"What mountains and the ocean have in common is their unpredictability." Explains Levi, "The scenery is truly beautiful, but also extremely dangerous and the conditions change every day. Every day is a brand-new adventure. But on the other hand, since each ride is a new challenge, there's this added challenging of conquering your own fear, which really helps you grow as a person."

Check out the spectacular scenery and amazing skills shown by Levi Siver as they filmed 'Steam Mountain' in the the Red Bull video below.