Is wakestyle coming to foiling? This guy's doing it!

While riding a foil behind a boat is fun to learn the skill, but after a while most riders get bored with riding around in silence. The water it flat, you can’t go exploring because you need the boat to tow you, and you can’t do tricks because foils don’t do tricks.

Or do they?

Slingshot found a guy named Matt Pierce on a potato farm in Australia. ?They say, “He was 3-10 beers deep and firing potatoes for miles out of a massive home made pipe launcher. It's safe to say he's a loose cannon, so when we introduced the Hydrofoil to the wake market he was first on our list to get a hold of one. We have a strong feeling this is just the beginning of what’s possible with this all new toy for boaters around the world!”

We all know what happens when wakeboarders start doing new tricks – kiteboarders copy!

Will these tricks spread between the worlds, or are these tricks just for a bit of showboating? Check out the video and decide for yourself.