Cannes Yachting Festival Attracts 600 Boats and 100+ Debuts

There's nothing more iconic to boating, whether it's sailing, cruising or enjoying a luxury superyacht; than the French Riviera.

So every year in September, when the boating season is about to kick off; the boating industry flocks to Cannes for the Cannes Yachting Festival. This year, their 40th annual event was their biggest yet with more than 600 boats on display, and over 100 World Premieres!

Spanning two marinas, 6 days and bringing in tens of thousands to soak in the latest and greatest in the boating industry, the Cannes Yachting Festival is a bucket list experience for anyone who loves boats (and we all love boats!). This year, there was some pretty exciting stuff on display which had never been seen before - and we've got three of the best new innovations here to show you.

1: Hydrofoiling tenders. Yep, you read that correctly. You can now buy a tender for your boat with FOILS! J-Foils to be exact, which are retractable for beach landings, and allow your little RIB to lift completely into the air as you make the commute to shore. Appropriately made by a French company called SEAir, they say that the 'Future belongs to flying boats'.

2: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire from Hanse Yachts A little bit left-of-field from Hanse, is their new concept behind the Hanse 348, Hanse 388, Hanse 418 and Hanse 548. They've matched each to one of the elements, not just tailoring the colour schemes, but the boats design. For example, the new Hanse 388 (Fire) has more portholes, windows and skylight panels on the deck than any boat ever made by Hanse. The connection to Fire, is the Sun, so they say it's their model with the most natural light inside the cabin.

3: The first powerboat from Lagoon, the Seventy 8 You may be familiar with the sailing catamarans built by Lagoon, but to cater to Asian markets wanting a power only version, they have answered with the Seventy 8. They say it serves as a 'universe free of compromise, in which space is true luxury'. In purchasing a Seventy 8, you can choose basically anything you want, from an outdoor cinema, jacuzzi's on the flybridge or a simple dining room. With such a track record in the Catamaran scene, this new power option from Lagoon is going to turn a LOT of heads…

Check out the promo clip from this years event below!