The Worlds Most Competitive Monohull Racing - TP52

If you race yachts, then you've at least thought about what it would be like to sail on board a TP52. These mid size racers are modern, fast, and because of their box rule restrictions; enjoy extremely close racing throughout the year during the 52 Super Series.

It's hard not to be impressed by the class; since it first raced as a class in 2007 the boats have kept up with modern design and continue to be developed within the box rule to remain the fastest Grand Prix racers on the water. They're simple too, with no canting keels, a basic bowsprit sporting an assymetical spinnaker, and a single rudder allowed and no foils (yet). This keeps them relatively cheap to build, fun to sail, and easy to crew. Currently there's nearly 100 of the boats sailing, 10 of the newest entered in the 2017 Super Series, 1 French boat took the prize.

It's about as spectacular as it gets in monohull racing, with professional grade film crews filming the series by helicopter and in specially designed chase boats. There was live feeds online, television coverage in the USA and of course an arsenal of social media accounts pumping out fresh content throughout the regatta.

It's that excitement and action which has been pieced together to into one epic video - which you can view right here!