These kids go surfing in their O'pen Bic's!

Quickly taking over the Optimist as the ideal kids dinghy, the O'pen Bic is a single place boat with looks, performance and functionality that kids (and their parents) love.

Designed in 2006, to directly compete with the Optimist. O'pen Bics look just like  a scaled down 49er. With square top mainsails, skiff-like hull (complete with mini wings) and most importantly, pointy noses, these little boats can actually take an Opti rig (or more practically, an Opti can take an O'pen Bic Rig).

Like the kids boats of yesteryear (the Sabot and the Opti), kids do some pretty incredible things in their O'pen Bics. They sail them in everything from 0.1 knots, to 45 knots. Swell from butter flat to 3m, and in rail, hail or shine. They put 3 kids in one boat, dress up and shoot each other with water pistols, capsize just for fun and occasionally crash into each other for no apparent reason. As you can imagine, every kid wants to sail an O'pen Bic, no thanks to videos like this popping up!

Watch as these kids take their boats out in crazy winds, literally skipping along the water surface with masts bending way beyond what should be possible. Then, as if that's not exciting enough, they take them surfing off Hawaii. Because that's what you do with a kids dinghy right?