How to 'Pump' Your Foil for More Speed

Whether you’re looking for a bit of fun on a flat day, trying to link up a few waves or just getting through a flat section – pumping your foil is a skill you need to learn.

Pumping foils became a ‘thing’ when it first became possible to bolt a foil into a surfboard. Kiteboarders didn’t need to pump, because they had a kite to pull them along. Sailors couldn’t pump because they use different setups to foil, and stand up paddlers were only just working out that you could use a foil at all. Much like a surfer might pump a shortboard to get through a soft section of a little wave, foils were being pumped through tiny waves and even being linked up by the pro’s. They became so good at it, that they could pump from one wave, back out the back and pick up another one without dropping off the foil!

Now, on short SUPS and surfboards, it’s possible to get up and foiling for around 30-40 seconds, just by using a means of propulsion to get up on the foil, then pumping from there. The means of propulsion can be anything from a bungee, to a guy on a bike, and even just a guy running along the jetty.

The crew from Horue have perfected it (albeit with a very large foil), and made this awesome little video showing you how to efficiently pump your board to generate speed, get through a flat section or link up another wave. Check it out!