New 2015 windsurfing gear in stock soon...

Get organised and order early to receive your new windsurfing toys in time for the beginning of the new 2014/2015 sailing season. 

As the Australian windsurfing market is still contracting but more and more products become available, it is becoming more difficult to purchase particular products at any time.

In particular, windsurf boards (KONA, AHD, JP, Naish and Starboard) are not available in all sizes and particular constructions at all times.

Similar with windsurfing sails, masts and carbon booms. Also here, supply is sketchy and waiting times for certain products can be up to 3 months during the Summer season.

So if you know which products you would like to play with this coming sailing season, get your order to us as early as possible.

With all brands we sell, we will have your favourite gear available in September/October 2014 if we receive your order during the months of June/July.

Product and specification information for some 2015 products are currently not available, however a lot of boards and sails will not change from 2014 models.

Contact Sunshine Coast Sailboards on free call 1800 671 450 with any queries you may have and we are happy to assist, to get you on the water with your new  2015 gear in time for the beginning of Summer.