North Releases First Foil Kite - The Ace.

You won't miss the first one of these at your local. North have chosen a brilliant Red/Purple colour scheme for their new Ace Foil Kite.
It’s been a long time coming, but North Kiteboarding have finally turned over the Ace in their deck. It’s their brand new Foil kite, and no, we couldn’t resist the corny pun.

For years, North riders have been partnering up with Elf, maker of race kites from Russia with a single model, the Joker. They’ve been fast too, with world championship podiums and a stack of great results in both formula Kite, and hydrofoil disciplines. But now North have finally released their own, and so most of those riders on Jokers will instead of launching the Ace.

To the layperson, it’s just another foil kite, but to the hardcore racer, the Ace has serious potential. If you’re into all the nitty gritty details like aspect ratio and cell counts, all the information is on the North website; right down to the projected area of each and every size.

What does that mean for someone who might be looking at their first foil kite though? It means there’s an alternative to the Ozone Chrono mainly, designed exclusively for going fast, riding in light wind and loooooong floaty jumps.

Watch exactly what it’s made for in the teaser clip below, starring Jeremie Tronet in the gorgeous Grenadines.


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