SUP Foiling for Beginners

Foiling is one of those things that isn’t technical to do, it’s not like kitesurfing where you need to have the kite in the right spot, the board set just right, and the wind from the right angle. Foiling is about getting speed, and then balancing on a foil. One look at a video and you can get the concept, but in practice – it’s a little more difficult!

The more you watch others do it, the more tips you’ll get for learning to SUP foil, so the crew from Horue put together a short clip full of valuable lessons for first time foilers. Get enough speed, start on small waves, bring your feet back on the board just enough for the foil to lift.

You can learn a lot about watching a sup foiler do their thing, and this guy knows his stuff!
Watch some great up close and detailed footage to learn how to foil right here.