Jack McCoy and Wayne Lynch Talk Story Octagon theatre Perth

The Man, The Legend. Jack McCoy

From Jack McCoy

"When you think about it, after all the effort we go to riding waves, the act, the actual ride, pales in relation to the wind up. First of all we have to organise our equipment and our surfing gear, wetty, wax, leg rope, car, gas, etc and then get to the beach, check it out, paddle out, sit there, catch a wave.

The ride lasts for seconds then we repeat.

We'd be lucky to get 10 minutes in a decent session of actually riding a wave. However every surfer LOVES to share the story of a good ride he's had, and that can take minutes reliving those few seconds.

I was fortunate to be one of 26 people who watched Laird Hamilton ride 'that wave', the wave that broke the big wave surfing sound barrier and the whole thing took 10 seconds. Yet it takes me about 10 minutes to tell others what I experienced in real time.

And to have captured it on film in slow motion was not only a great honour, it was an important souvenir in my life of things I've been able to see.

I hope anyone in Perth can come hear the story of the story I have to share at the one night only special event in three weeks at the UWA Octagon Theatre Saturday April 7, where I'll be sharing this and many other tales from the tube in pictures and movies.

Tickets www.ticketswa.com.au

And if you can't be there, please tell your friends who are. Stoked with aloha Jack."