Sail to a Flat water Freestyle Oasis.

Hidden away on a tiny island in Germany, is a flat water haven called Borkum. There you will find a couple of kiteboarders, and one huge sandbar which creates the perfect freestyle conditions every few days. This group of three uni students sailed there on their holidays, and spent the weeks progressing their freestyle skills which were already pretty stunning to begin with.

Check out the action packed movie below about the three freestyle windsurfers who took the family Arion 29, a shallow draft yacht designed for conditions around the Waddensea, for a cruise around the Island of Borkum. This little island sits up in the North Sea, surrounded by nature reserves and cops every single storm that tracks across the North Sea. Don't mind the stormy conditions, these storms push 25 knots over the sandbar at the perfect cross shore angle, making it a little flat water haven for both windsurfers and kiteboarders.

"Borkum is not a secret spot, but it's not very frequented by windsurfers" Expliains Phil, one of the freestylers. "I never did understand why there aren't any surfers on the water besides a bunch of kiteboarders and few windsurfers, because the spot has world class conditions!"

These guys came prepared, with their stubby freestyle fins and some serious trickery on the agenda, it looks like a summer break from the University of Kiel well spent.