Welcome to the world of Duotone

Dedicated to windsurfing since 1981, we strive to give you the edge for the best sessions of your life. Our unrivalled experience and unbridled passion points the way to industry leading technologies, premium quality and features, relentless im?prove?ments and a track record of competitive success.

The power of Duotone creates legends in all windsurfing disciplines. Delivering daring design, highest performance and true inspiration, packed into an unmatched quality, our products have become icons.

The Warp - winning the first World Champion title for Pierre Mortefon

The Super Hero - still the favorite sail of triple world champion Victor Fernandez and our entire world cup wave team for sailing dreamlike down-the-line conditions.

The Idol - no other freestyle sail has produced so many world titles.

Power.XT - the biggest invention in Windsurfing history - period.

Aero - still the lightest booms, masts and extensions in existence.

An enormous number of people contribute their knowledge, skills and passion. Our entire production line and facilities are aligned with a common goal and passion whether in Sri Lanka, China or Germany and nobody quits until all questions are answered and all wishes are fulfilled.

Kai Hopf, a design genius with the longest expertise of any sail designer on the market.

Raoul Joa, with a huge pool of experience, a visionary innovator.

Our team riders possess a limitless will to develop the best sails and rig components as necessary foundation for countless victories and titles.

The Duotone spirit, it drives us day in and day out, extending our boundaries and pushing to improve our products for you every season. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint whenever possible by developing new environmentally friendly packaging, by improving transport routes, by researching recyclable materials and greener manufacturing processes and by supporting organizations that fight global warming. We care about bringing windsurfing to the next level. We care about you. DUOTONE - Feel the power of a new era.