Would your face look like this at 50 knots?

"Awwww yeah!!!!!!"
Filming yourself is always awkward for those who aren't used to it. You're not sure how to position yourself, you have squinty eyes, your mouth is open at all the wrong times; and you make weird faces all the time. So imagine what it's like filming yourself on a 50+ knot speed run.

You make a LOT of weird faces, but that's not the thing that makes this little video worth a watch.

Hands Kreise is a speed windsurfer from the Netherlands. He's on a mission to break 100km right now, and dreams of smashing a world record in the famous speed channel at Luderitz, Namibia. Currently, he's pretty close, with a few runs recorded by GPS at over 50 knots (which is 92kmph) and on this particular occasion, he took his GoPro along for the ride with him as he barrelled down the sandbar on a gloomy, overcast day.

However, his smile at the end of the run is enough to brighten anyone's mood - no matter the weather. If you've ever been holding on for grim death, hoping that you're going like the number you see on your GPS at the end of a run - then you know the feeling.