Man found 2km from shore, fishing from an inner tube!

2km from shore, with not a care in the world! 
Now this is dedication! Off the coast of South Africa, a man has been found approximately 2km from shore, fishing.

That’s not unusual, after all it was other anglers that found him out there. What IS unusual, is the craft this bloke was fishing from. A tractor tyre inner tube, with nothing but a bag of bait and a pair of bright yellow flippers. He hadn’t caught anything all day, so the guys who found him threw him a few fish they’d caught from their fancy boat. They offered him a ride back to shore too, but quite content with his craft, the bloke declined.

Brave? Stupid? Desperate? Who knows what category to put this guy in. We’re going for the ‘one-of-a-kind’ basket. Because you can be sure that nobody else would go swimming out there in shark city, with nothing but an inner tube and a pair of flippers. Hope he caught a few