New crabbing gear laws for Qld anglers from 2 April

From 2 April inverted crab dillies also known as witches' hats will be banned in Queensland. The phasing out of witches' hats was announced back in December 2008 as part of an overhaul in recreational and commercial fishing rules for Queensland's inshore fisheries.

The ban will help to combat ghost-fishing and reduce the entanglement and death of non-targeted species such as turtles, rays and fish.

Inverted dillies are made of a light gauge mesh which can easily tangle some marine species. Also because of their light weight they can drift and become lost, effectively continuing to catch fish (ghost fish) until they become buried or break down.

Other crabbing options including hoop dillies (sometimes called lift dillies) and crab pots can still be used but no more than four items, including any combination of crab pots or dillies, can be used per person whether crabbing from boat or shore.

Posted 24 March 2010