QLD: Don't net a fine: use the right fishing gear

While holidays and weekends are a great time to cast a net for some bait and prawns, recreational fishers are reminded to check their nets to ensure they comply with the rules.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) senior compliance officer Michael Mikitis said there were some simple rules around what nets could and couldn't be used when fishing in tidal waters.

"There are two types of nets recreational fishers can use in Queensland tidal waters - seine and cast nets," he said.

"A recreational seine net (or bait net) must:

    • be no longer than 16 m in length
    • have a mesh size no greater than 28 mm
    • be no more than 3 m in drop
    • not have a pocket
    • not be fixed when used.

"A recreational cast net must not be more than 3.7 m in length and have a mesh size no greater than 28 mm.

"Anything outside of these nets is considered commercial fishing apparatus and recreational fishers cannot use or possess them."

Mr Mikitis said the use of incorrect fishing apparatus could incur big fines.

"An on-the-spot fine of $1000 for unlawfully using or possessing commercial fishing apparatus applies," he said.

"The maximum penalty for this offence is $30,000.

"All recreational fishers that use nets should be aware of the rules.

"These rules limit the type and amount of fish that can be caught, which is important in helping to protect fisheries resources."

View the current fishing rules here.