Even the Cool Kids are on Foils Now.

When you think of the coolest, most stylish kiteboarders in kiteboarding. The legends. The greats. The ones with magazine covers, interviews and highlights reels on brand videos. The guys and girls with signature model boards and kites and bindings. You don’t think of hydrofoils.

But low-and-behold, here’s two of them out there on an exploration session in Antigua, sporting helmets and sunscreen and wait for it; footstraps! Yep, that’s right, they’re hydrofoiling and totally stoked on it, talking about how incredible it is to ride upwind so easily to explore the islands. Marveling at the birds, and the reef, shouting and smiling at each other - talking effortlessly into the camera thanks to the silence a kiteboarding hydrofoil provides.

Bet you can’t guess who they are?

Andre Phillip, Jake Kelsick. Two of the worlds leading wakestyle freeriders, part of Tona, the niche wakestyle kiteboarding brand – and legends in the elite kiteboarding community. Andre Phillip has been around since the dawn of the sport, headline pro for Cabrinha once, now sporting Slingshot kites and his own Tona boards. Kelsick, famous on Youtube for his VLOG’s (this is one of them) and known as Dre’s protégé, growing up in the shadow of THE guy in wakestyle.

So if you haven’t tried foiling yet, because you think you’re a cool wakestyle rider. Are you cooler than Dre? Yeah… Didn’t think so! Get out there any give it a try, foiling really is the future of freeride.