Ewan Jaspan WINS Wind Voyager Triple S!!!!

It’s the biggest slider park in the world, which hosts the hottest wakestyle event in the world. The Real Watersports, Triple S. You’ve seen the pictures over the years, you’ve marvelled at the videos. Are these guys seriously kiteboarding? They’re pulling moves up there with professional wakeboarding.

Knocking out last years winner Sam Light, Aussie rider Ewan Jaspan took the top prize with an absolute banger of a competition run. He wanted it, badly, and right from the very first practice runs – the judges could see that he had what it took. Back from injury, hungry for this event in particular – Ewan Jaspan is BACK!!!!

"Crazy scenes last night." Told Ewan on social media, "A life goal come true, so happy to be up there with all the legends of the sport, it was a dream! Big congrats to Colleen as well for taking it out in the women, stepped up to the task and showed everyone what's up! Thank you to everyone here and all who have supported me, best week ever :)"

Footage from the event is still a little scarce - there will be some epics coming out over the next few weeks, but to get a glimpse of what this guy was throwing off the obstacles, check out the 'final countdown' episode of the Triple S Post-Show.

Congratulations Ewan – Now you need to convince Chris to build a slider park at St Kilda!