The Spectacular Basics of the Sport of Sailing

"The open sea, conquered many years ago but never tamed… Any pre-conceived ideas of sailing should go out the window, it's like a whole new sport."

Since the beginning of modern times, sailing has been a quest for more speed, in less wind, and ALWAYS, been a sport. Now, it's reached an incredible stage in its development where boats actually fly. Getting there takes a lot of knowledge though, so one of the media companies leading the charge, Red Bull, have made a simple guide to the sport, called the ABC of Sailing.

From the history of sailing boats, to basic navigation, terminology, a breakdown of what crew members do, and lots more. The team from Red Bull have designed incredibly detailed graphics explaining exactly how sailing works, which make it easy for complete beginners to get a well rounded knowledge it all in less than 30 mins.

Watch the preview below, with a link to the full ABC of Sailing video right here.