Breathtaking Whitewater SUP in the French Alps!

Can you imagine a more spectacular spot to go stand up paddling than the rivers among the French Alps? The team from Fanatic did just that, and the results are every bit as spectacular as you’d imagine.

Turquoise blue water, awesome standing waves, and some pretty gnarly looking rocks make this one seriously cool place to go stand up paddling. Add a few friends, some top of the line inflatable stand up paddle boards form Fanatic, and you have yourself a day on the water that’s hard to forget.

Filmed by the expert team from Horue movie, footage is crystal clear (almost as clear as the water) and mixes up a bit of land, water and drone based footage for a well rounded movie. Our two main paddlers are Raphaël Filippi and Bertrand Fourtias, two of Frances big players in the Boards and More family. They’re paddlers, kiters and windsurfers – so you know they’re stoked about all things watersports!

Check out the spectacular footage of these guys stand up paddling in the French Alps.

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