Robby Naish Inducted into US Sailing Hall of Fame

While the brand name Naish might be synonymous with some watersports using paddle power, the guy behind it is one of ‘sailings’ most accomplished; this week, he was recognised as such in the US Sailing Hall of Fame.

Robby Naish began life on the water racing Hobie Cats;
“I was a sailor at heart. I loved tactics, I loved feeling the shifts and reading the wind and catching the bumps, that feeling that you get from sailing that you don’t find anywhere else in life. As sailors, we’re very lucky to be out there in the wind and the waves,”

From there he developed his own brand, beginning with Windsurfing equipment, then branching out to Kitesurfing gear, and of course building one of the largest stand up paddling brands in the world. He’s not slowing down either, with Naish foils becoming the most readily available and user friendly foils on the market.

So why the Sailing hall of fame? 24 World Windsurfing titles. Two brands which keep the sports they serve alive, and a squeaky clean record. Robby Naish is a legend, and now he’s got his name on the wall with the rest of sailings finest – but he reminds everyone to stay humble.
“My message to you all is to remember how lucky you are. To be able to get out on the water and experience nature in a way that is difficult to experience any other way. Being on a boat, learning what the wind does, what the waves do it’s an experience that not enough people in the world get to enjoy.”

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