Going HUGE in 65 Knots - Victor Fernandez in Spain

You don't see sailors going this high very often! Pic: Fura Photography
65 knots is a LOT of wind, so strong you won't see people on the beach, or boats out to sea, or kiteboarders getting in your way in the lineup. Lucky, because this guy would have been taking out kites left right and centre.

Not when they're crashed, or flying low; Victor Fernandez would have been taking out kiteboarding kites in full flight. That's how high he was going last week in a place called Canos De Meca, Spain. Of course, he would have been, if kiteboarders could handle that kind of wind.

Canos De Meca, a Mecca for natural footers thanks to the strong cross-onshore winds that blow from left to right when looking from the beach. There's little kickers to jump off, and surf, and to give you a rest on the way back in. Like we said, it's a natural footers paradise.

Check out the video below to watch a windsurfer jumping 10-15m high, from a wave no more than 1m. Oh and he can freestyle too!