Airush Surfboard production moved to Thailand for new range

Three new boards, three new constructions, one new factory.

While Airush’s partner company Starboard have been making their at the SUPs at the Cobra factory for years, Airush made the decision to get out of China this year, and that meant a big change in the boards.

The Cobra factory in Thailand makes some incredible boards. From SUPs, to windsurfing boards and stacks of kiteboards – they make boards for most brands in the same factory. Their shapes are different, their constructions vary, and their quality standards differ depending on what the brand asks for. There’s an unprecedented level of control for brands, and the factory’s capability for tailoring boards to a brands exact specifications is unmatched. They’re one of the only factories to be granted the Ecoboard stamp of approval, thanks to their new-age protocols, energy saving measures and construction techniques that use less water.

So in 2018, Airush decided to make the switch from China. That required an insane amount of changes in tooling, molds, and constructions, so what better time to completely change the lineup?!

Now, their boards have three all new constructions, each with the Ecoboard Project stamp on the tail, and three new shapes to suit every rider. Rather than run through the details of each, how about you head on over to the Airush website and read this in-depth interview with Airush’s designer – Clinton Filen. He’s the guy behind it all!

Interested in seeing what the new boards look like in the flesh? Drop by your local Airush dealer to see the boards made in the Cobra factory – they’re very slick, and in stock right now!