Kiteboarding in Patagonia is Truly Breathtaking

Traveling with a kiteboard, and a few kites is easy. Not many sports like ours can boast the flexibility that kiteboarding allows, whether it’s air travel, packing four mates into a car, or hiking through the wilderness in search of a glacier to kite next to.

A Glacier! You heard right - how many kiteboarders can say they’ve ridden right up alongside one? Not many; and not many would even dare put a toe in the water when its below zero outside. Tom Herbert, Reno Romeu and Sky Solbach from the North team couldn’t resist the stunning landscape and rugged beauty of Patagonia though, so they suited up, spoke to the locals and made off into the woods with their kite bags on their back, and their boards tucked under one arm.

Untouchable in Patagonia is a short clip that invited you alongside the North Kiteboarding Team on their incredible journey to the beautiful and untouched landscapes of Patagonia. Exploring the wild nature, struggling with extreme conditions and ultimately riding in front of the famous Perito Moreno Glacier this trip is one of the most unique and unforgettable adventures in kitesurfing.

Watch it right here!