Billabong brings some sexy retro action to your screen!

There's an interesting exhibit in the Sydney Maritime Museum right now, of surf photography from around Sydney in the 70-90's. There's some absolute classics in there, and while you might think bikini's are getting smaller, they're not really.

A bikini has always been a bikini. Their styles have changed, with less on the bottom and more on the top lately, but it's still just a bikini.

A one-piece however, has remained a timeless piece of swimwear. Dressed up and down for generations of beach goers and surfers. If we were to pick a true classic from the hundreds of images on the walls of the Australian Maritime Museum, it would be one of a blonde girl in a white one-piece, laying on Bondi.

Billabong obviously agree, judging by this great short clip pretending to be a movie trailer. Featuring Laura Enever, Alessa Quizon, Felicity Palmateer and Josie Prendergast, four of the worlds best on a shortboard having a ball in California - their outfits are a firm nod to the styles of yesteryear. Are they old? Yep. Are they still hot? Absolutely.

They even brought back the old logo. You know the one. You might even have a ratty old t-shirt from the 90's pushed up the back of your undie draw with it plastered across the front. Good news! It's trendy again so dust it off.

Check out the great short film by Billabong, featuring four of the best female surfers on the planet right now.