JP Releases fleet of Hydrofoil boards!

Shaped specifically for foiling, the new JP Hydrofoil 155.
Designed specificially for foiling, the biggest news this week from JP is the 'Hydrofoil' model boards. Offering a 135L and 155L version, the larger of which being designed exclusively for foiling. One look at it shows there's something really different going on, with its tucked in nose and sail, fluorescent pink highlights underneath and heavily reinforced tuttle box. The smaller, 135L version, looks more like an all round racer, with the typical shape and options to ride it without the foil If desired.

Watching the promo video, featuring Sebastian Kornum and Julien Bontemps performing fully foiling gybes and flat-chat speed runs, really makes riding these boards look effortless to ride. Even when the foils break out of the water, the nose splashes down and they recover with minimal speed loss. Trust JP to come up with foil boards that perform for every day riders!

Paired with the Neil Pryde foil in most of these videos, as well as the RS:Flight sails, designed for racing on foils, they're shown foiling in less than 10 knots on 7m sails. Previously, only superlightweights on formula gear would have been able to have fun in wind that light!

Check out the video below to see them for yourself, and drop by your local dealer to pre-order yours now for the 2017/2018 summer season. They'll be in high demand!