It's a Good Idea to Take your Kids Fishing

Taking your family fishing can seem like the next logical step for an avid fisherman. And why not? It’s a great way to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and develop lifelong skills. Fishing is also an ideal activity for kids of all ages and an excellent bonding experience.

Of course, introducing the pastime at exactly the right moment (and in the right way!) is crucial. You should balance learning the right techniques with having fun and ensuring the wildlife is respected. If you haven’t been thinking about taking your kids along on a trip, then here are just a few reasons why you should.

A Bonding Experience
As your family grows older and continues to enjoy new, exciting experiences it’s a great idea to include fishing into the mix. Sharing your passion for the sport is the best way to let your children and partner know more about your character and interests.

Childhood memories of lazy afternoons spent casting a line out on the water will be remembered for years to come. Not to mention the number of class show-and-tells your trip will inspire! There is something very special about teaching your child the craft of fishing somewhere quiet; where it’s just you, them and the fish.

Lifelong Skills
Fishing will give you skills and attributes that are useful in every aspect of life. The pastime teaches patience, attention to detail and the practice it takes to master a technique. These are all fundamental lessons that can be easily applied to a corporate career, the classroom and many day-to-day situations.

Aside from soft skills, the practical expertise learned can broaden your fishing prospects and literally take you around the world in search of the greatest catch. Understanding how to cast a line, implement a catch and release technique and tie a fly fishing knot can help you to find your feet, even in unfamiliar waters. Becoming a master fisherman requires diligence and commitment, but the rewards are worth it.

Leave The Screens Behind
Children and teenagers can often be found in the corner of a room, distracted by a phone or absorbed in their iPad. A tragedy of the digital age is the obsession with screens that closes our eyes to the simple pleasures of the outdoors. Getting your kids out on the water and amongst the fresh air is a step in the right direction to balance this.

The pride that comes with accomplishments from your own two hands is completely unique, and perhaps one of the best elements of fishing. With any luck, the thrill of making a catch will leave your family wanting less of the digital world and more of the real thing.

Ability To Wind Down
It can be difficult for anyone to step away completely from the stress of work, social pressure and other anxieties. Being able to drive off down the coast and clear your head with open spaces, peace and quiet is something your kids will thank you for later on.

In many ways, fishing can be therapeutic. It requires heightened senses and a focus tailored entirely to the fish swimming underneath you. This is an excellent opportunity to remove yourself from stress, block out negative thoughts and enjoy the simple cast-and-catch achievement with your loved ones.

Respect The Environment
A strong respect for animals, nature and the world we live in is an attitude completely related to our upbringing and influential characters. Fishing should, at all times, be a respectful and sustainable sport. Introduce your kids with a positive outlook and an understanding of the laws around the sport.

When your family join you to cast a line it should be about more than just discussing the fish and your favourite techniques. Fisherman should also take this opportunity to introduce the adventure of the outdoors! A camping getaway or small hike is an excellent way to mix up your day and show your kids all that our environment has to offer.

Extra Tips
Invest in the best boat equipment before you head off to ensure everyone returns home happy, safe and smiling.

If you have young children, then don’t expect to get much of your own fishing done! The day will definitely be about them and all you should do is enjoy it.

Make sure everyone is fitted with an inflatable life jacket. Whether you’re a new swimmer or the water is second nature, falling overboard can be disorientating at the best of times.

Have fun! Share your love for the sport and remember to take a camera with you for some great pictures to look back on for years to come.

Author Biography
As the former President of the Boating Industry Association, Rod’s passion for boating and fishing is utilised in his current role as Managing Director of CH Smith Marine. Offering his masterful expertise, Rod ensures that customers leave with a love for the sea that parallels his own.