Casper Steinfath Collects Three Medals at European Champions

Sardinia, Italy - Vying for his fifth European title, Casper Steinfath collected three silver medals aboard the 2019 Maliko 12'6" at the 2018 European SUP Championships.

The morning of his 25th birthday was all business as he went into his specialty event, the technical race. While he finished in second place, Casper did not receive a champagne shower but rather one of cinnamon by his fellow countrymen, as is Danish tradition if someone is unmarried on their 25th birthday. Despite the celebrations, he was far from finished with competition for the week as the long distance race was still looming.

Perhaps it was his completion of the Viking Crossing, but Casper once again continued to improve in the long distance event, battling it out for second place.

While Casper came just shy of defending his title, he was still smiling ear to ear throughout the event with no shortage of fun to be had. Thanks to the combined efforts of Casper and the rest of the Danish team, they earned enough points to finish second overall in the whole event. The silver medal won draws a lot of pride for Casper as it shows the growth of the sport of SUP and rising talent level in Denmark.

All of this in lieu of releasing the now viral Foiling T-Rex video, which has amassed nearly 10 million views, Casper is staying extremely busy. After the a quick trip home, he now heads to New York City for the second stop of the APP World Tour where he will be joining fellow Naish teammates Bernd Roediger, Annie Reickert and Manca Notar to continue his campaign for the 2018 world title starting September 15.