Foils and Finless - go hand in hand when you're the Dogman

He’s as Aussie as they come, and with his trusty side kicks Dan O’Sullivan and Keahi De Aboitiz in tow, they churn out a great watch every couple of weeks. Based on the Northern NSW Coast, you’ll find then anywhere the surf is good between the Gold Coast and Ballina, and by good, we could be talking about anything from knee high to overhead. You see it all depends on what they’re doing.

One day, The Dogman might have a shortboard, tucking into beachie barrels and smacing lips all day long. The next? He’s on a longboard with no fins, floating sideways down the face of a wave and spinning the 10+ft monster around with his feet. The weekend? He’s strapped a couch to his board and is going couch surfing with Keahi De Aboitiz on a foil.

When asked about his finless surfing by a member of the Seabreeze community in the forums, his reply was oddly serious;
“I’ve put in the hard yards on my forehand to get my flow happening.... But I haven’t got my backhand sorted out - Once I start a slight bit of sideways drift I’m as good as gone! I’ve spent a few weeks without my favourite board for finless, and have now got it back so I’m really keen to get home and rip back into it. A mutant double ender board is on the drawing board right now.... Stay tuned for more madness”

It’s some of the most fun stand up paddling you’ll see, and it’s all happening right here in our backyard! Check out part two of Roger ‘The Dogman’ Saunders highlights reel from 2017 below.